About Us

A young & best products on introducing perfect quality and ultimate design with cutting-edge technology, SUICH develops dynamic and stylish products for passionate young people. It develops and manufactures Mobile phone, Battery,Powerbank, LCD TV. Founded in 2008, Suich has quickly expanded into markets in India.

At Suich, we are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and continuously creating surprises for users through constant innovation. Pioneering the use of core Technology. Suich has remained committed to providing the very best possible products experience to customers. Our product also represents one of our most important competitive advantages. Mobile Power is a way for people to express themselves and share joy with others. Through our smartphones to the level of an art form, witnessing and recording all of life’s beautiful moments.


Best Quality Control System

We believe that product quality is guaranteed by design. We manufacture and operate up to international standards for quality assurance, and have passed the International Quality System. Our dozens of inspection procedures add to the strict quality assurance system, giving us a reputation for superior-quality products.

Modernized Manufacturing System

We operate computerized workshops and modernized assembly workshops, which consist of over multiple production lines, with a monthly production capacity of more units.Our manufacturing also features complete and advanced testing and manufacturing process controls, which are operated by a professional technological development and testing team.

Our Process -